Nation4mi 1 Day Cybersecurity Experience

An unique and fun learning experience related to information security and forensics.

Beyond awareness is this a cybersecurity training for non security managers.

Gain insight in how the hackers prepare for an attack and experience what it means for a business or organisation to be prepared for this attack.

This is done through the use of educational gamification.

During this training you will gain an understanding [so you do not have to know anything about these terms yet] about the security principles as stated in the industry practice and guideline.
Topics as SIEM, Access Control, Identity management, Vulnerabilities, Exploits, Privacy, Regulatory (PCI/AVG/GDPR) etc will be highlighted and explained.

This training is for those who need to know but not necessarily have experience in information security. [business owners, HR, marketing, sales, ZZP’er,…]

You will leave this training with an understanding about security controls valuable for both your personal and business life and had some fun while learning.

Your trainer has almost 20 years of domain experience, certified and has been a guest professor/teacher at many occasions. Currently still active as Chief Information Security Officer for multiple companies.

We look forward to meet you here!

Language: ENGLISH [when all dutch participants in dutch with english documentation].

This is the 7hr package – which consists of an interactive introduction and two gamification components.

Learn, understand, experience, have fun and remember!

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