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We are a family company in cybersecurity. Perhaps unique but so much fun. Twenty years of experience in cybersecurity, privacy (incl. AVG/GDPR), data forensics, IT and business. I, Sebastiaan, am the founder which makes me the head of the family and hope to welcome you on one of our courses or visit you as a consultant.



We want to deliver high-quality results that are practical and delivered in such a way that you will remember them. As nothing can be perfect, just like you cannot be cyber risk-free, we continuously improve. You will not just follow training or get consulting, but will gain experience and only then will we be satisfied.



We work with an expertise network called the consortium, ensuring you can ask the necessary questions to put the needed theory into practice. Both in training as during projects is this crucial as you will not just learn or implement controls, you will embed them with the needed expert guidance.