NL/B: activiteiten in kwartaal 1 2020

Vandaag 5 Feb, mogen spreken op de IPON 2020. Feedback was heel positief, dus hoop dat ik menig mocht inspireren om cybersecurity de nodige aandacht te geven; in het onderwijs ... en prive leven.

In Maart is er een praktische sessie voor docenten bij DocAtlas Antwerpen. Kijk hier voor meer details, graag tot dan.


<I/O> is the game area of Nation4mi designed for educational gamification.
A fun game where you learn cybersecurity and hacking risks by playing. There is also a unique package for teachers including a handbook and game sets.


We offer solutions for both the professional and personal user, including students. All created by experts and made available as stand-alone (just the game), education packages (including guidance and workbooks) or a workshop (business gamification).


Sebastiaan is an experienced business and information security specialist. The combination of practical experience, and a way of approaching things differently result in a refreshing view. real-life, inspiring, confronting, interactive with the audience, and a hint of comedy are key elements in his stories.

  • Security expertise when you need it

  • Independent advice

  • Keep your business, family and friends safe.

  • Personal interaction.

  • Expertise services are fixed price.

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